Should You Get a Tattoo?

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blog details: To have a tattoo is not only painful but it also involves a good deal of money – that is if you are going to have it done by a real, professional tattooer. So, people who have good tattoos on their skin have really invested a lot of money as well as personal sacrifice. Therefore, tattoos must really be a good investment, at least to those who wear them. For instance, a handyman living in New York City has already invested a total of $55,000 on his tattoos, and he is not planning to stop. With that amount, he really believes that tattoos are very worthy investments. His tattoos are already covering most of his body, including his arms and legs. Most of them are done in 3d, with some of the best biomechanical designs you can ever see on a man’s skin. His future project is to have a tattoo on top of his head before 2015 ends. He also wants to have his hands and his neck tattooed before his skin gets wrinkled. The amount he is willing to invest on this is about $1,000. As you can see, whether a tattoo is a good investment or not depends on the person. It is how a person looks at what the tattoo can give him that defines if it is worth the money or not. In today’s world, the demand for tattoos has steadily grown throughout the years. But despite its growing popularity, having a tattoo on the skin is still an expensive proposition. Tattoo artists, especially those working with legitimate and licensed tattoo shops in the country charge a steep hourly rate. You can’t blame them because executing an artwork in one’s skin is really risky and takes a lot of care and professionalism. A recent survey reported that the demand for tattoos is really growing. This is encouraged by the decrease in cultural bias against tattoos. For instance, there was a 21 per cent increase of people having tattoos in 2012. It was up by 14 per cent in 2008. It is also projected that by 2020, the tattoo industry can expect revenue that will surpass one billion dollars. When people are willing to spend that kind of money for tattoos, they surely deem that it is a worthy investment. Kayden is the author of this article on tattooer. Find more information, about tattoo artist here

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