How to Be A Good Engineering Student

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blog details: Engineering is a promising career that will serve as your ladder to success. It will also fetch a fat pay package. But the famous saying goes that there is no short-cut to success. This is particularly true in the context of an engineering career. If you get admission for the chosen stream of engineering you have crossed the first barrier. However, the next couple of years you must be a good engineering student in order to get through. Here are some tips that will help you to become a good engineering student not only during the first year, but throughout the course. Attend classes regularly and take down class notes. Keep a separate notebook for each subject and carry the books according to the timetable. Do not discard the notes after you get the degree; keep them forever. They can be helpful anytime in life. If not for you, the notes can be used on future by other students.Make friends and choose them carefully look for friends who are at par with you in all respects. Mix with studious friends who can help you in studies. Do not be drawn into the sweet words and temptations who while away time in fruitless activities.Introduce yourself to your professors. Let them know you personally. You can ask them difficulties and be in touch with them constantly. Study regularly for minimum 3 hours daily and more if you need to. Examine the syllabus, study it and divide it into parts. Consider how many days you need for each part and make a rough plan. Follow the plan seriously. Leave some time for revision before the exams. Keep some extra days in case you miss a few days on account of unavoidable circumstances or illness. Do not keep backlogs; it is difficult to catch up with lost time.Visit the library regularly and read books. Try to get as much information related to your subjects as you can; it may come in handy anytime.Reserve some time for entertainment. Read magazines or general books. Watch TV for some time. Play the games you like and watch a movie occasionally because, as the saying goes, all work and no play make you a dull one.Form a study group with friends and study together. You can discuss the subjects and exchange ideas and opinions. A study group serves as an excellent resource for valuable inputs.If possible, join weekend classes for improving communication skills, any foreign language and for personality development. These additional enhancements will certainly improve your chances for getting a good job.Finally, be determined, committed and firm. Believe in yourself. Be focused. For more info:-


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