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blog details: "SmartTouch POS is a mobile POS software which essentially makes it a versatile tablet POS software by virtue of the host of features and functionalities that it has to offer. As a tablet POS software it offers the flexibility that it can be deployed on to any portable mobile device be it your tablet or smart phone. Hosted in the cloud SmartTouch POS is designed on the idea mobility and easy accessibility at its very core. Available on major mobile operating systems iOS and Android, SmartTouch tablet POS software is truly a cross device compatible app which makes it easy for business owners to deploy the application with minimum infrastructural costs. Also, as an enterprise grade automation software, data security is one of the prime aspect of SmartTouch tablet POS software. Being cloud-based the back-end layer of SmartTouch POS is hosted in a centralized server which is protected by industry grade security features to minimize data vulnerability.

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