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blog details: "SmartTouch POS is a cloud based POS solution which is fine-tuned to cater to restaurants, cafes, coffee houses, street food and kiosks. Built on modern standards SmartTouch POS is a great application to automate sales process and manage point of sales counters more efficiently. Being a cloud based POS solution, SmartTouch POS is accessible across the length and breadth of your organization and makes scaling up a very easy process. Built on a multi-tier architecture, SmartTouch Cloud based POS solution comes with a front end which is built on cutting edge technology to seamlessly fit into today’s advanced mobile landscape. The front end is compatible with both iOS and Android platform which makes it a cross-devise compatible application. The backend of this cloud based POS solution is an administration panel hosted on the cloud. This makes it accessible to anywhere and everywhere into every device registered & authorized to run the app.

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