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blog details: "SmartTouch POS software for cafe is designed to bring in the most advanced automation to http://smarttouchpos.eu/pos-software-for-cafe/ café and coffee shop chains. With a robust architecture and a host of features, SmartTouch POS software for cafe is capable of streamlining the entire operation chain of coffee shops. As a mobile application hosted on the cloud, it brings in mobility, accessibility and security as its prime advantage to subscribers. The architecture of SmartTouch POS software for cafe comprises of two major aspects. The front end if a mobile application available on iOS and Android platforms, making SmartTouch POS software for cafe is a truly cross platform and cross device application. The back end is a cloud hosted admin panel which makes SmartTouch POS software for cafe instantly accessible to subscribers. Also this brings in a lot of security features which are at par with industry standard security guidelines for enterprise applications.

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