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blog details: All dressed up with nowhere to go, my sister says I am Eloise at the Plaza meets Wallis Simpson. I don’t care about price; I only care if it has good lines. Style and taste have nothing to do with brands or labels (although I have my favs)– some of my favorite dresses were expensive, and some were literally $7 (thank you Fairfax and Melrose flea market, which I frequented every Saturday). There is great fashion at every price point. There is also terrible fashion at every price point. Everybody wears something terrible at some point. And if you haven’t, you might consider taking more risks (in life in general). If nothing else, I hope this blog will encourage you to trust yourself more– to rely less on price and labels and trust your own sense of style, whatever that may be, and your own opinion about whether you like something or not. Stop looking at the tag!

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