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blog details: LASIK Surgery India LASIK Surgery India is a new procedure and it has become a common surgery which many people opt to treat their refractive errors. LASIK Surgery India is one of the best surgeries to treat refractive errors of the eye. LASIK Surgery India is a variant of excimer laser photorefractive keratectomy (PRK). The difference between LASIK Surgery India and PRK surgery is that the LASIK Surgery India is used through an instrument called microkeratome to change the shape of the cornea. A thin flap of the cornea which is folded back is created by microkeratome and the laser treatment is performed under this flap. The surface layer of the eye does not need to re-heal after being removed as it does in PRK and vision recovery is faster with LASIK Surgery India. The surgeons of the LASIK Surgery Hospital in India help in improving the patients’ uncorrected vision for distance. Nearly 20/40 vision can be expected to achieve by the patients which are considered as good enough to drive without wearing contacts lenses or glasses, and many other patients can be expected to achieve 20/20 vision or better. However, no surgery can give the 100% of guarantee that the patient will have perfect vision. Only those people are satisfied with the results of laser correction that clearly understand the potential risks and complications of the surgery and possess realistic expectations of what their vision will be like after LASIK surgery. The effects of LASIK Surgery India are permanent, however, it is important to understand that a person's eye can still change internally. This is a reason that many surgeons recommend that the procedure is done after the major eye changes have occurred in one's life. As children eyes change a great deal the LASIK Surgery India is not recommended for them. The chance of long-term stability in correction is more if this procedure is performed after the age of 18 years. Therefore, the surgeons of the LASIK Surgery Hospital in India recommend that patient should consult them so that they can review the changes the patient have had and help them to take a decision whether they should wait or not. After the LASIK Surgery India, the patient can resume the normal activities. However, for at least two weeks the patient will need to avoid the activities which could cause perspiration to run into the eyes. The surgeons of the LASIK Surgery Hospital in India ask the patient to wear safety glasses while playing sports. However, if the patient is not comfortable wearing the glasses then the surgeon may recommend wearing them for at least one month after LASIK Surgery. The patient will need to avoid activities such as contact sports and swimming for several weeks. It is very important for the patient to consult the doctor about the limitations on activities after LASIK Surgery India. Lasik Surgery Cost India varies from center to center and it also depends on the technology and surgeon the patient has chosen for the LASIK Surgery India. For more details on LASIK Surgery India or LASIK Surgery Cost India email us at

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