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blog details: The Chromebox is an authentic instant meeting machine, where you will have a setup wizard that will help you use your new product as soon as possible. So you can enjoy all the tools, only need access to a Wi-Fi network and a monitor in the room. When it comes to managing all its meeting rooms, the box Chrome makes it much easier, giving you a web-based management console. The equipment brings included: Chromebox, HD Camera, Microphone and Remote Control. Furthermore, any device that has Google Hangouts can attend a meeting, thus its partners and employees did not need to get your Chromebox, you simply, because they can be connected to your meeting room effortlessly through the Internet. Through a universal URL you can share its screen without the need for adapter cables or codes. The gadget is integrated with Google Apps, allowing you to schedule several meetings with Google Calendar, and with the help of remote control, without those pesky markings made in code. Versatility is really all we need, and that's why the true meaning of Chrome Box means "meetings with anyone, anywhere." If a client or co-worker has no CFM so they only need a Gmail account to link to you, and can join up to 15 participants, all on video! All updates to the Chromebox runs on Chrome OS is packed with the latest features and fixes. The cloud will store all your applications and files and will run a virus analysis to make sure that there is no, and that you are safe - but if you have problems Google provides 24/7 support if any problems exist. After all, this easy device was made for the professional world, for you to be able to deal with personal issues and relationships with your loved ones from long distance. It is a product without doubt, very solid!

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