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blog details: Letstrak is a GPS based vehicle tracking system provider catering to various needs of tracking your vehicle be it two wheelers or four wheelers. When your fleet and your people are on the road, time is literally money. The more efficient and productive each stop can be, the better your bottom line. State of the art fleet tracking technology from Letstrak can optimize every service call by providing a wealth of valuable data about your vehicles and your drivers – bringing that information instantly to your fingertips. Letstrak products come with loads of features, alarms, and reports of the travel. They provide effective software and hardware solutions for vehicle tracking system. With the vehicle tracking system from Letstrak, you can monitor various aspects like fleet productivity, the safety of the passengers, and theft recovery and they have customer service to take care of any queries. With many instances of the safety of passengers being questioned, a vehicle tracking system is welcome in India. A robust technology and support for the product offered for tracking of vehicles, a strong management can be implemented. Letstrak is providing solutions for mining, sand, cold-chain, dairy logistics, oil and gas carriers, employee transport, schools pick and drop monitoring, radio cabs, public transport and lots more. All of this can be monitored by three applications - Desktops, Web-based PC or Laptop and Mobile App.

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