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blog details: Per the recommendation of my tutor at London College of Fashion, my Fashion Business colleagues and I dined at the most charming restaurant in Paris last night. It is an absolute hidden gem that I will return to again and again. Just down the road from Sacre-Coeur, Le Refuge Des Fondues is a cozy room with two long rows of tables– one lining each wall. It opens at 7 and they DONT take reservations (a short line starts to form around 6:40), so unless you’re the first one in, you WILL BE asked to literally climb over the table to get to the booth side of your row, methodically appointed by the owner upon your arrival. Once settled, the owner then assumes that you’re 2 sizes smaller than you are and promptly pushes the table back into its original position, almost as though he wants to discourage you from actually eating, or maybe that’s just us.

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