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blog details: Technology is having a very high impact on our lives these days. The internet with huge network groups and connected devices has made the objects around us smart and intelligent. Wearable devices connected to the internet have become quite common now. Along with them, the term “Internet of Things” is gradually gaining popularity. The process of connecting each and every physical object together and establishing efficient communication between them is leading to a smarter world. Such smart technologies integrated in various devices can help improve our lifestyle and make it much more convenient. The idea has been in expansion and development for decades but the concept was framed and officially named in the late 1990s. The first known application of Internet of Things was reported in early 1980s, which was a Coke Machine at Carnegie Melon University, where programmers were able to connect the machine over the internet and check the status of working of the machine. Later, the technology has been developing and facing new and dynamic trends. New innovations are discovered and implemented in the field of internet of things and big data applications to increase productivity and user experience.

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