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blog details: The main goal of any profit or nonprofit business house is to convert the leads. The size or segment of business doesn’t matter. For example, if we take an orphanage which is a nonprofit business segment, still it wants to get donations and funds. If we take an example of a corporate business, then it needs more sales. In a nutshell, each business is seeking for more inquiries and converting those into the real business. As the world is moving towards the web and mobile, business have started moving towards the web, in terms of a website and mobile, in terms of a business mobile application. The potential customers can fill the inquiry forms to raise an inquiry. Generally, the companies have sales and/ or business development departments which put their efforts to convert these inquiries into the real profitable business for the company. As company used to pay the hefty amount to these teams, it is important that the efforts they are putting in are in the right direction only. Thus, the businesses can implement different mechanisms to ensure the best output and channelized efforts of these sales and business development teams. One of as such useful tools can be “Phone Number Verification System”. This solution gets integrated with the inquiry form. Whenever, someone fills up the inquiry form, the phone number verification solution will ask for the verification from the user. It can work in 2 ways: The system will send a verification code on the phone number of the user, which he needs to enter in the form to verify himself or A verification code will be displayed on the screen, which he needs to punch in during the call made by the system This system will ensure only genuine inquires could come to your sales and marketing team because any fake inquiry generator, malicious bot or a notorious competitor would never reveal his identity by giving his phone number. This system will ensure that all useless inquiries get filtered out and only potential inquiries reach your sales and business development team. Now, your team can channelize their efforts towards these potential clients and can convert more leads. We offer custom phone number verification system development with the custom features. If you want to know more about this solution, visit To discuss your requirements, drop an email at or


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