SafeMoon Price Prediction, Trade Signals indicating $0.00001 in 2021?

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blog details: Fundamental Analysis Stepping into the space, earlier this year, the network aims to bring a revolution in DeFi, where static rewards are under implementation to relieve selling pressure in the market. Precisely, the currency is a good game for long-term investors, which incentivizes token holders as a bonus! A price cushion is generated by the automated Liquidity pool, making the investment safe for its token holders. Remarkably, the network uses a manual burn-in technology over traditional burning methodologies, making sure that price volatility is under deduction when the supply rises. Despite the novel conventioneries, Safemoon experiences criticisms within the crypto market marking the currency as ‘Does nothing’ or ‘Farthest from safe’ taglines. SafeMoon Price Prediction 2021 The altcoin entered the market on March 9, and remained static until 13th when it switched to $0.00000002. In not more than a week, the bulls on the card took the currency’s price to $0.0000004. Subsequently, the price dipped to $0.0000001 and began fluctuating due to the unstable downside pressure for a new currency! On April 25th, the price reached an ATH of $0.000007, following embracement from external factors. However, unable to maintain the momentum, it entered May with $0.00000544. When the market crashed, Safemoon lost a significant segment and wiped from $0.00000871 to $0.00000567. With increasing uncertainties, the altcoin reversed to $0.00000438 as it commenced June’s trade. SafeMoon Price Prediction 2022 If the price hits the positive highs by the year end, the 2022 trade might commence bullish. If that’s the case, the initial price for the coming year might be near $0.0000067. On the contrary, if SAFEMOON closes this year on lows, then the next year might start being bearish. And so, it may resume trading at $0.000003 by 2022. Undeniably down the lane, meme coins are hyped with a strong user base and social community in hand. So does Safemoon! Its Reddit community swelled in a very short span. If the network manages to boost its community users in the coming year, the coin price can hit cards at $0.0000089 . If only regular buying or selling pressures pertain, then Safemoon may trade at $0.00000713 by the end of 2022. 5 Years SafeMoon Price Prediction In the long run, Safemoon promises to be an outstanding investment as the liquidity force is under lock for 4 years. It is notable that when Whitebit listed the currency, it became a positive sign for the coin. Thus, if new exchanges like Coinbase Pro lists Safemoon, the price can skyrocket hitting a maximum of $0.0000192 by the end of next five years.

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