How is Data-Driven Strategy Driving Growth in the iGaming Industry?

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blog details: With 2.9 billion players, iGaming is the world’s top form of entertainment. Due to highly engaging nature, iGaming industry attracts and entertain a variety of audiences, thus accumulating the most comprehensive customer data from multiple sources among all the other industry. Let’s take an example, One of the well-known iGaming companies, which offers a wide range of products like Progressive Slots, Casino, Poker, Sports, E-Sports, Horse Racing, and many more wanted to reduce customer churn and identify potential VIP players early, to deliver them an excellent customer experience. The company combined and analysed marketing campaigns and customers’ onsite behavioural data that helped the company predict the customer’s likely to churn, with 86% accuracy and recognising potential VIP customers at an early stage. This data was used to create an automated customer experience according to the players’ interests like streamlined navigation bars, callouts, recommended games based on profile and real-time behaviour, re-organised game listings, and campaign targeting. Thus, the availability of structured data helped identify VIP customers and reduce overall customer churn.    Read our blog to know how availability of structured data for behavioural and time-series analysis is enabling gaming companies to analyse and devise strategies for player acquisition, engagement, and retention. Read More.

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