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blog details: Why is Jaipur called the Paris of India? The capital of the newly formed state of Rajasthan, Jaipur is more commonly known by the nickname ‘The Pink City’. Jaipur was given this name for a very obvious reason. That reason being that apart from a few exceptions, every building in the city is painted pink! In fact, so important is the colour pink to the heritage of the city that ensuring a building is pink is enforced by law. The historical reason for this uniformity in colour is that the Maharaja at the time, Sawai Ram Singh had ordered the city to be painted pink to impress Prince Albert during his tour of India in 1876. The name ‘Paris of India’ does not have quite a grand origin. Jaipur was coined the Paris of India, by a traveller who upon visiting Jaipur felt it bore striking resemblance to Paris. Between the many historical monuments, unique and delicious cuisine, rich cultural heritage and abundance of tourism, it isn’t a reach to make the comparison between the two cities. However, while Paris is known as being the city of love, Jaipur derives its nickname on the basis of its culture and architecture, not particularly for being associated with love. Nevertheless, Jaipur remains a top destination for couples seeking to solidify their relationship through marriage. If you are hoping to get married in a scenic location outside of your hometown, then along with Jaipur why don’t you consider these 10 other wedding destinations. Why you should travel for your wedding. Organising a wedding is a stressful affair in the best of times. Between organising a guest list, catering, booking a venue, the happy couple has a lot on their plate. Travelling in it of itself has become exceedingly difficult since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, let alone planning travel and planning a wedding at the same time. With that being said, it cannot be denied that tying the knot in a special location can add so much more value to your special day. So let us weigh all the pros and cons and decide, is travelling for your wedding really worth it? So, the pressing concern on everyone’s mind is, of course, COVID-19. Since the onset of the pandemic travel has become quite difficult. Well since the pandemic first hit in 2020, we have made significant strides as a country in order to minimize the risk that travelling proposes. Ensuring that you and your partner are vaccinated, and all the guests follow the necessary safety protocols such as wearing masks, constantly sanitizing their hands and maintaining social distancing, you should be able to responsibly hold your wedding in your dream location. While travelling might add an extra burden when it comes to planning your wedding, let’s not forget that it is your special day after all. It’s a day that you will look back on fondly for the rest of your life so why not do everything you can to make it as perfect as possible. India has an abundance of beautiful locations for you to consider. Why not have a look at the 10 best wedding destinations in India! Are beach weddings better? Beaches hold a special place in the hearts of a lot of people. The beautiful ocean view, the salty sea aroma, the soft sand between your toes, not to mention great food and drink, is it any wonder why beaches are such a popular holiday destination. On top of the fact that you’d be getting married at a beach, beach weddings tend to be a bit cheaper, you can save on decor and venue pricing is a lot lower as compared to booking a grand wedding hall. In terms of catering, great seafood and potent drinks are readily available on site. Additionally, it tends to be a lot cheaper in these locations than in cities. As far as entertainment goes it won’t be too difficult to hire a DJ or a live band in locations like Goa and Mumbai, and well, we’ve said this a lot, but you’re getting married on the beach. Given that India has no shortage of great beach destinations, it is extremely surprising that beach weddings aren’t something that is more commonly heard off. Well, maybe beaches aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re thinking about getting married and are still undecided on a location, then why don’t you check out the 10 best wedding destinations in India over here. What made Deepika & Ranveer’s Konkani wedding so special? Although the couple got married in 2018, their ceremony still has a special place in the hearts of film buffs around the country. In spite of it being a relatively intimate affair, it still had the glitz, glam and budget that you’d expect from a Bollywood wedding. The bride and the groom both looked stunning, the decor was fabulous and the food looked delicious! So what exactly makes this wedding stand out from other major Bollywood matrimonies? Well, the answer to that would have to be the location. The banks of Lake Como are an exceedingly beautiful sight. This Italian water body played a huge part in adding charm and grandeur to the occasion. In fact, many couples have a dream location in mind for where they want to celebrate their big day. It’s not uncommon to see people travel to special locations to tie the not. After all, getting married is a once in a lifetime occasion so why not go all out to make it the best experience it can be.

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