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blog details: Evolution and changes in our life style have made our all-important third molars completely irrelevant in our modern lives. Also called wisdom teeth, these are actually a set of 4 molars, which after the 17th but evolution has also ensured that not all of us have room in our mouths to fix this way, and thus they end up causing more problems, than they solve. That is the reason that wisdom teeth are often removed from the mouth. After you have your wisdom tooth extracted, you need to know how it feels and how long it will take to recover from it. However, if you are going to have a tooth extracted, here are a few things you need to know about recovering after a tooth extraction. In the process of extraction of wisdom teeth dentists should have dental equipments like Custom Tray Acrylic, Denture Base Acrylic, Denture Reline Acrylic, Orthodontic Acrylic, Colored Retainers, Radiopaque Acrylic etc. TIPS FOR QUICK WISDOM TOOTH EXTRACTION RECOVERY Check for Bleeding – Light bleeding during the first 24 hours is considered acceptable because you recently extracted a tooth. Try to sit up straight and avoid any activity for a few days after collection. To control bleeding and prevent blood clots from forming above, flush bite first in the mouth and then on cheesecloth. Take medication – Your medication should help with the toothache and swelling that may occur after the extraction. Make sure you take it on time and continue with your daily routine. Rest – Rest is the best way to cure any problem your body is facing. Instead of rushing back to work and back to your daily routine, take some time to relax first. Strenuous physical activity is not recommended during tooth extraction treatment, as stress can cause blood clots to move. Also, while resting, make sure to keep your head high with a pillow. Avoid Tobacco – Tobacco, whether it is chewing tobacco or cigarettes, is harmful to you, especially after extraction. They slow healing and can even cause dry hives in the dump (when the blood clot shifts). Stay hydrated – Hydration is the key to recovery when it comes to tooth extraction. Drink water and natural fruit juices after tooth extraction as much as possible, except the use of straws. Also, avoid caffeinated or carbonated drinks for at least the first 24 hours of extraction. Follow Oral Hygiene – Don't forget about your regular oral hygiene just because you have had an extraction. It is even more important that you follow your regular oral hygiene now. Brush gently on the extraction area to keep it clean, followed by a simple rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash. However, do not brush, rinse, or spit during the first 24 hours of surgery.

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