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blog details: Should I go for metal braces or Invisalign? To decide between the type of braces that suits you, you must speak with a dentist in Singapore to know the options available. The most popular braces are metal; traditional metal brackets are glued with the teeth connected by wires and slowly align the teeth. Metal braces also come in different colours, and you can choose between them based on your liking. You should know about Invisalign braces; these braces are generally not visible and slip between the teeth. Invisalign is recommended for those who do not feel comfortable with the metal braces. Invisalign braces are more comfortable and flexible compared to other teeth braces in Singapore. You could easily remove it, and there are no diet restrictions for this type of braces. Book an appointment now with Coast Dental clinic in Katong and speak with our dentist to learn more about the pros and cons of the various teeth braces available.

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