Hydrosols 101: All You Need To Know About Our Natural Mists

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blog details: These lightly scented mists are made with a balanced formula of potent botanicals and water, giving them a milder aroma than essential oils. Packed into a convenient spray bottle, they help you feel refreshed, nourished and soothed anytime, anywhere. Orange Blossom Hydrosol For Dry Skin Moisturizing Orange Blossom Hydrosol is a hydrating mist that heals dry, flaky skin and lightly perfumes your skin to let your natural beauty shine through. Blue Tansy For Breakouts Rescue your skin with our ultra-soothing Blue Tansy Hydrosol. It clears breakouts, heals scars and restores blemish-free beauty in a spritz. Bergamot For Cleansed Skin Put your best face forward! A quick spritz of the zesty Bergamot Hydrosol allows you to enjoy fresh and naturally clean skin.

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