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blog details: Courses Info The primary objective of this training program is to train the candidate in the field of reproductive medicine, endocrinology, endoscopy and allied sciences. At the end of the course, the candidate would be clinically competent to treat infertile couples with utmost understanding and skills in modern methods of assisted conception including IVF, reproductive endocrinology and fertility enhancing surgeries. Career Opportunities / Course Outcome Can become a fertility expert Can start all the IVF and IUI stimulations Can do all infertility scans Can design all treatment protocols Can diagnose all infertility problems meticulously Can experience infertility laparoscopy and hysteroscopy Can have hands on experience with Egg pick-ups and ET Complete experience with embryology lab and protocols Can work with andrologist for male fertility issues Can observe TESA/PESA/Micro TESE Eligibility, Fees, Duration & Exit exam: Eligibility Students should have completed their MBBS with masters or equivalent in Gynaecology from a recognized Institute. Post application an entrance examination will be conducted by GGIRHR followed by an interview with medical director. Duration & Intake Based on the requirement we offer infertility course with 4 different durations i.e. 1 month/3months/6months & 1 year. Fees 1 Month 2,00,000/- 3 Months 5,00,000/- 6 Months 7,50,000/- 12 Months (paid to institution) GST extra Exit Exam Course exit examination is a two-stage examination comprising theory and practical examinations. Part 1. Theory Examination: Theory examination comprises of one paper with maximum marks of 100. There will be 6 short notes of 10 marks each and 2 long notes of 20 marks each in the theory paper Maximum time permitted is 3 hours. Part 2. Practical Examination: Maximum marks: 100 Comprises Practical of 50 marks which has one long case presentation of 20 marks, one short case presentation of 10 marks and 20 spotters. Viva voce for 50 marks The candidate has to score a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate i.e. 100 out of total 200 marks (Theory & Practical) in Exit Exam to certify as successful completion of course.

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