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blog details: Blood tests are diagnostic tools that help doctors and healthcare professionals diagnose and assess the health of an individual. Blood testing is a laboratory procedure performed on a blood sample taken from a vein in the arm using a hypodermic needle or a finger prick. The blood samples are subject to a series of timely procedures to analyze the various chemical contents and markers in the blood. Blood testingis mostly done to track certain diseases and illnesses. They also contribute to the verification of organ function and the explanation of how well treatments work. This helps physicians determine the wellness of organs that are critical to the appropriate body function. What are the types of blood tests? There are several types of Blood tests. Depending on the type of diagnosis needed, the doctor will determine the blood test. A few blood tests that are commonly asked for are: Complete Blood Count (CBC) This test measures and reports information about the cells in the blood. Some common measures under this test are: Red blood cells White blood cells Platelets Hemoglobin HBA1C Hematocrit Mean corpuscular volume (MCV) Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) This test confirms how well your organs are functioning by measuring the levels of various chemicals in your blood as a part of your blood chemistry. The BMP or Blood chemistry tests may also be called chemistry panels.Some common measures under this test are: Blood Glucose Calcium Electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium, Bicarbonate, Chloride, etc) Kidney Functions Test Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) Creatinine Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) An extension of the basic metabolic panel is the CMP. This also cover the liver function tests. Some common measures under this test are: Albumin Total protein ALP (alkaline phosphatase) ALT (alanine aminotransferase) AST (aspartate aminotransferase) Bilirubin Blood Enzyme Test Often damaged cells release enzymes into the blood stream. These enzymes help detect certain diseases. Most common type of test in the blood enzyme test is to detect heart attack using the following measures: Troponin Creatinine Kinase (CK) Blood Tests to Assess Heart Disease risk A test to assess the cholesterol levels to determine whether an individual is at the risk of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) or not. Some of the measures in this test are: Total cholesterol LDL “bad” cholesterol HDL “good” cholesterol Triglycerides These are some of the most common Blood Tests Why Choose add-on labs add-on Labs have well-trained technologists for blood sample drawing and sample collection for any patient of any age On-time reports Online test reports Clean & Hygienic place (with COVID safety protocols) Free Home sample collection(T & C*) Special Offers on Thyroid and Blood Sugar tests NABH Accredited Laboratory ensures Patient Safety and Quality of reports Customized test packages A fully automated, in-house laboratory prevents sample deterioration, sample stability and ensure report accuracy, unlike other sample collection centers We conduct almost all types of lab tests We have a tie-up with renowned NABL labs for Special tests We maintain report quality by following standard guidelines and Internal Quality checks every day We are subject to External Quality Control checks and audited by teams from Christian Medical College, Vellore;& AIIMS, New Delhi Blood test and Diagnostics in Bangalore at add-on Scans and Labs We at add-on Scans and Labs have made right use of advanced technology with our in-house laboratory, and deliver quality services to our customers with safety and guidance.The diagnostic equipment and technologies are fully automated, which simply means that there is no risk of sample degradation, ensuring sample stability and guaranteed report accuracy. We have well-trained Phlebotomists, blood sample drawing and sample collection technologists for patients of any age and gender.Our diagnostic centre at Sarjapur Road offers an atmosphere which is clean and hygienic, and is of world-class norms. Having an in-house laboratory, gives us the flexibility to undertake almost all types of Blood laboratory research. We’ve also collaborated with reputable NABL labs for special studies. Along with these, we ensure that we deliver quality reports and by maintaining and following standard guidelines, such as internal quality checks that are conducted every day. Our centre is subject to external quality checks and audits which are done by Christian Medical College, Vellore & AIIMS, New Delhi. Home-collection of Blood and Online Blood Tests We have facilitated online test reports for the benefit of patients. We are proud to say that our reports are on-time, and to fasten the process, we also facilitate online blood test assessments. In online blood test, the patient can book a test online and avail our home-services. Trained phlebotomist with the right equipment arrive at your home, for the time slot booked by you. The blood is then safely transported to our laboratory at Sarjapur Road and subject to tests. Once the results are generated, the report is uploaded online and made available for the patient. The reports can be viewed online at the comfort of your home or office through our ‘View Report’. We also offer Thyroid and Blood sugar tests for patients who are looking for home collection of blood. We add-on scans and labs strive to be the first choice in healthcare by providing high quality services to improve diagnostic services in health care. To book a blood test, or an online blood collection or to enquire about our services, call +91-9900811118 or visit our website

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