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blog details: Have you heard the terms hybrid and virtual events? What are they and how important roles do these events models play in organizing and running events like conferences, networking sessions, seminars, workshops, tradeshows, sponsorships, and so on. Hybrid and virtual events play important roles in running many events that we used to run and organize in-person (offline) and virtual (online), in this blog article, we will explain the meaning of hybrid and virtual events, how important they are, and why we should apply them in our day-to-day events. What is a hybrid event? The term hybrid event simply refers to any meeting, seminar, or conference that has both an offline (in-person) format and an online (virtual) format. The online format is meant for remote attendees and the offline format means a physical meeting of attendees in one specific place (hall or room). Hybrid events have certainly gained traction in the last 5-10 years, and since the pandemic, they are more popular. Another definition A hybrid event is the model of running an event that uses a combination of in-person (offline meeting) and virtual (online meeting) by using digital elements, tailored to each audience for optimal experiences, to create a hybrid event that helps your organization reach its goals, it's important to understand what a hybrid event is not as mentioned below:  Is not streaming your sessions from your mobile  You won’t get a sharable video on demand (VOD) after the event  Putting your live audience before your online audience. Now, let’s see how hybrid events can be important and how they can play a vital role in running an event This hybrid model of running event will allow you to increase your reach to gain more attendees not fewer because a study has shown that nearly 98% of attendees in the hybrid event were not planning or preferring to attend it live which means your new audience who are either unsure about the benefit of the event or not interested to join life can also have the chance to join the offline format. What is a virtual event? A virtual event is an online event that involves people interacting in a virtual environment on the web, rather than meeting in a physical location. Virtual events are typically multi-session online events that often feature webinars and webcasts. Another definition A virtual event is an organized gathering that enables a group of people to communicate, share ideas, and enjoy a shared experience virtually not by a physical meeting. The only difference between physical events and virtual events is that virtual events occur online, rather than in-person. You don't need any special equipment to host a virtual event but we only need digital online conference platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and others depending on which platform we choose that will comply with the requirements of our event. Now, let’s look at how virtual events play important role in running an event. Virtual events can make an organization or company team workers always stay connected and also help in building a sense of team spirit because this can help to prevent remote working from feeling impersonal if people are not meeting face to face. The below are the benefits of hosting virtual events:  Offers more networking options  Save planners time  Save attendees money as no need to travel  Improve attendees feedback  Promote attendees growth  Improve sponsor value  Showcase great programming Now, as we have seen the benefits of virtual events but how can we run and organize any of these events, for sure we can by knowing the right and appropriate agency offering such kind of event services like Hybrid Virtual Events Agency in Virginia, Washington DC, United States. This agency, they are offering the best and high-quality hybrid virtual events services at a reasonable price of a high return on investment and we will provide you and organize a high-level professional event for you as we all know that when planning a professional or social event, the common goal is always to bring people together for a shared purpose – to educate, inform, debate or celebrate, so at this agency, they can same for you, just feel free and don’t hesitate to contact them and tell them how you want to your event to be and you will surprise of what you will see from their service. You can contact Hybrid Virtual Events Agency via their contact number 703-429-4320 or their email address info@avuniversal.com.

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