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blog details: Learning new things. Be it how to make Thai food, scuba dive, or play the violin, you’ll always learn new things in a new place.I’m not one of those people who particularly enjoys flying. I’ve been doing it my whole life, and it’s never fun. But it doesn’t have to be hard! You just have to know how to keep yourself busy. When I was a baby, and very little kid, I had no problem quietly sitting through flights. I didn’t cry (or so I hear. My memories from the first year of my life are a blur of naps, soft toys, and applesauce), because I was always entertained! My mom would bring a bag of toys, picture books, coloring books- and 11 hours would zip by. 15 years later, I’ve evolved slightly from picture books, but not much else has changed. Once I get on the plane, I check the in flight entertainment, and make a list of all the movies and TV shows I want to have.

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