Pea Protein Vs Whey Protein: What To Choose?

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blog details: Fitmist Protein is considered the building block of the body. It is an essential nutrient that is required for muscle growth, damaged cell repair or the general functions of the cells. We all are sure that you have heard about whey protein, a complete protein that is considered the go-to product for bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts who look for strong muscles and a lean body simultaneously. However, with the development of nutritional sciences, pea protein is now considered a tough competitor for whey protein….Learn more Check out the insights of Everything You Need To Know About Liver Cirrhosis. What are pea protein and whey protein? Pea protein is a plant-based protein obtained from yellow split peas. The extraction process generally involves two phases: 1. Dry phase- In this stage, the peas are dried and then grounded into a fine powder which is filled with protein, starch and fibre. 2. Liquid phase- The powder obtained from the dry phase is then mixed with water so that the fibre and starch can be separated. Pea protein is found in concentrate and isolates forms. However, the isolate form of pea protein is considered to have more fibre and starch content. The nutrients present in a 100gram serving of pea protein are: 1. Protein- 1.15grams 2. Carbohydrates- 3grams 3. Fibre- 1gram 4. 80 calories On the other hand, whey protein is a primary protein that is found in cow’s milk….Learn more The nutrients present in a 100gram serving of whey powder are: 1. Protein- 0.85gram 2. Carbohydrates- 5.14grams 3. Fat- 0.36grams 4. 112 calories Also, read Major Side Effect Of Blood Sugar: Diabetic Ulcers. Benefits of pea protein and whey protein Both whey and pea protein has numerous health benefits lined up on their sleeves and some of the common benefits are: Pea protein 1. Pea protein is a plant-based protein and therefore it is free of many allergens that can cause severe complications for some people. 2. Nutritionists usually recommend animal proteins over plant proteins since plant proteins usually do not have all the nutrients present in them. 3. However, pea protein is considered an exception. It is considered a complete protein as it contains all the nine essential amino acids in it. 4. Pea protein has a very high content of arginine as compared to whey protein which helps in enhancing healthy heart health and blood flow…..Learn more Whey protein 1. Whey protein provides higher protein content per serving as compared to pea protein. 2. Helps in building lean muscles quickly. No wonder, it is the most sought-after protein drink for gym enthusiasts. 3. Due to high leucine content, consuming whey protein helps in stimulating protein synthesis in the body which enhances the repairing of damaged muscles, tissues and cells quickly. 4. Whey protein helps in maintaining proper blood sugar levels in the body and can also ameliorate inflammation. 5. Consuming whey protein will help you in accelerating weight loss…..Learn more Check out this too, 8 Herbs And Supplements To Treat Depression. Disadvantages of pea protein and whey protein Pea protein 1. Pea protein is considered a complete protein but it has very less content of methionine. 2. Pea protein has a very unattractive taste and texture. It has a chalky and gritty consistency and has a very earthy and vegetative taste to it. 3. People who have chronic kidney ailments should restrict their pea protein content Whey protein 1. Whey is derived from lactose and therefore it can be extremely difficult to digest for some people especially those who are lactose intolerant….Continue reading

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