7 Fig Recipes To Make The Most Out Of Summer’s Favorite Fruit

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blog details: Fitmist Figs are one of the best fruits and truly are one of the most refreshing fruits for summers. There is so much that you can do with them that the choices are endless. Be it salads, savory dishes, or even desserts. Figs don’t shy away from shining in dishes. They can intensify your dishes and make them so much healthier….Learn more Health benefits of eating fig recipes Sure, figs are great incorporation in dishes. But one of the major reasons for their use is its health benefits. There are so many amazing benefits that you can achieve by eating figs. Some of the major health benefits include: 1. Healthy gut: A great benefit of eating figs is that it helps in maintaining a healthy gut and relieves you from constipation. With its laxative benefits, it helps nourish and tone the intestines. Figs contain high levels of oxalates which help in providing the laxative effect. So do consult your doctor to check if it’s good to add to your diet. 2. Fights hypertension: Studies have shown that figs help in decreasing blood pressure effectively. So, this fruit can help you with your hypertension conditions. However, the studies included higher concentrations of the fruit. So while it might not be possible to immediately reduce blood pressure on consuming figs, regular consumption can help you maintain stable blood pressure…..Learn more 7 fig recipes to try Now that we know why figs are so important, it is time to see some healthy fig recipes. You can make these recipes and tweak them just how you like them. 1. Fresh fig tart: This is one of the best fresh fig recipes. All you have to do is create a tart with honey and figs. Then, you can add a sweet and lemony cheesecake filling to complete it all up….Learn more 2. Yogurt panna cotta with figs and honey: Another great fig recipe to try is this yogurt panna cotta with figs and honey. For this, you can create a panna cotta with small bits of figs and honey and then top it off with even more figs and honey. 3. Fresh fig jam: You want some great recipe that can last long, convert figs into jam. With this homemade fig jam, you’ll be sure to create a stunner. This can be added to dressings, sauces, cheese boards, and even spread over a piece of toast….Learn more 4. Fig blue cheese spinach salad: Figs and blue cheese go well together like bread and butter. To assemble this recipe, you need to toss in some fresh figs and blue cheese with some red onion, spinach left, and toasted pecans…..Continue reading

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