Why developers should learn AWS

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blog details: Cloud computing is taking the tech world by storm and so is the need to learn cloud computing. The only thing certain in IT today is that it’s never too late to cash in on the cloud. The demand curve for cloud skills will only grow at a rapid pace as cloud becomes critical to IT and businesses at large. According to Forbes, the spending on public cloud services is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 19.4% from $70B in 2015 to more than $141B in 2019. AWS generated a revenue of $5.44 billion in first quarter of 2018, 49% increase year-on-year. With Fortune 500 companies and institutions like NASA, General Electrics, Netflix, IMDb, AirBnB, to name a few extensively using AWS cloud computing services- AWS is the leader in the cloud computing market growing at a breakneck pace. Amazon Web Service is a strong player in cloud computing providers due to its consistent delivery of capabilities and customer value. AWS has the capabilities and power to sustain the market with innovation, technology, growth, and expansion. AWS keeps its focus on technologies and finds methods to incorporate them into the services. For detailed explanation: Why should developers learn Amazon Web Services

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