Higher National Diploma in Business

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blog details: Pearson BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma In Business Specialize in: Accounting | Finance | Management | HRM | Marketing | Law Leading to the Final Year of Bachelor’s Degree in more than 200 Universities Pearson BTEC HND Course in Business is designed to develop students as professionals, self-reflecting individuals able to meet the demands of employers in the Business sector and adapt a constantly changing world. It also helps learners to develop knowledge, understanding, and skills required to progress towards a Bachelor’s Degree. The course provides insight and understanding into international business operations and the opportunities and challenges presented by a globalized marketplace and helps to achieve high performance in the global business environment. The education and training provided would be equipped with a range of careers in Business Management including Human Resource Management, Marketing, Sales, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, and Finance. This HND course in Dubai, UAE provided by the expert team of Explore Education in collaboration with its academic partner Pearson BTEC not only provides an opportunity to get employment with reputed companies, or direct entry to the final year of the bachelor’s program of more than 200 universities but also equips you to start your own business.

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