Y type Globe Valve Manufacturer in India

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blog details: Specialityvalve is best Y type Globe Valve manufacturer in India. Y type Globe valve is used in applications that requires solution for the high pressure drop in Z type Globe Valve. The stem and seat of the valve is inclined at 45 degrees in this valve. They are used in applications that works with high pressure and high temperature that requires no pressure drop. This type of valve can be used for many years as it does not cause corrosion easily. They are used for throttling of the medium mostly instead of just start and stop the flow. Description: • Body material:F22,F11,F304. • Class:150 to 2500. • Operation: Handwheel. • Size: 1/2” -2”. • Ends: buttweld, threaded, socket weld, flanged. Advantages of Y Type Globe Valve: • The shutoff capability of this valve is better • It has good throttling capacity • They can be used in applications that require frequent operation. Industries that use Y Type Globe Valve: • Sewage Industry • Oil and Gas Industry • Constructions Industry • Food Industry • Electric power Industry • Medicine Industry • Fluid Pipeline of liquid Industry • Metallurgy and textile Industry Visit here for more details: https://www.specialityvalve.com/product-category/y-type-globe-valve/

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