The Most Practical Way to Clean the Bathroom

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blog details: You have recently become self-employed or have been divorced. The point is, you have no idea how to keep the house clean. Before, you had people to do this task for you, and you went about living life and making a mess. Now you have realized that things in your house are not disinfected. For example, the bathroom is just one place that needs to be cleaned more carefully because it is the room where we release our dirt, and the humidity is much higher, which accelerates the growth of mold and mildew. You try to clean it, but you don't know how much to remove from the explorer and, what's worse when you think about it, you doubt you're doing it right. How often should I clean the toilet? Don't worry. We give you the most practical way to clean the bathroom or toilet in your home. The keys to cleaning the bathroom are the bathtub, the sink, the toilet, and the tiles. The keys to proper bathroom cleaning include the bathtub or shower, the sink, the toilet, and the walls and floors. The bathroom is one of the places that must be cleaned most carefully because it is where we release our dirt. Before you start, you should know that you should check your toilet every day and do a thorough cleaning at least once a week. 1.Bath and shower The ideal is to clean the bath or shower after each use so that we don't have to kill ourselves when we finally decide to do it because if the dirt accumulates, it will take much longer to remove it. Before starting to wash, you should remove everything inside (shampoos, containers, soap...). It is not very difficult: you should take a damp sponge to wipe it. This will remove the hair and soap residue that has accumulated. You have to hit it well around the edges and across the taps. If stains stick to the surface, use a specific cleaner and rub well. Wait a few minutes, and then rinse the bathtub with water. If your bath or shower builds up limescale, one trick is to mix white vinegar and water instead of using the usual cleaner. If you have mildew, your thing is to clean with a fungicide. If they used to be white but have lost their original color, use ceramic bleach. 2.Curtains Most people forget to clean the bathtub or shower curtains. After washing, we have to leave the curtain well spread out, making sure there are no creases, as this is where all the dirt will accumulate. Even if we take precautions, we should clean the curtain from time to time, wipe it with a cloth soaked in brine, leave it for a quarter of an hour, and then rinse it. If there are many molds (and this also applies to the joints in the bathroom), bleach diluted in water is best. If there are standard stains, you can put the curtain in the washing machine. 3.Sink It has to be cleaned every day. The first thing you should do is get rid of hair and sand accumulated around the edges. If you don't remove them, you can ruin the sink by cleaning it. Once this step is completed, and with the help of a cloth or sponge containing a cleaner, rub the entire surface. Once this is done, remove the remains with plenty of water. We have to clean the curtain from time to time, passing a cloth soaked in brine, and let it act for a quarter of an hour. If mildew or rust stains remain, use ammonia or bleach; if the colors are deeply embedded, use alcohol or white spirit. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse. Once you've removed the grime, wipe the sink for a professional shine and finish. 4.Toilet Ideally, clean it daily with a toilet cleaner, mainly if several people use it. If not, you have to do a weekly deep cleaning, which removes all the accumulated bacteria and prevents their reproduction. Before you start, you have to spray toilet cleaners with disinfectant inside and outside the bowl. Wait a few minutes and a cleaning brush, clean the bowl well. Don't forget the rim, which is where dirt accumulates. Empty the cistern and use the falling water for rinsing. Finally, use a cloth to wipe over the seat. If you have a file, use white vinegar on the stains. Leave it on for a few minutes and empty the cistern to remove the residue. You can also use bleach to disinfect, but you should not let it work for more than half an hour, as it could damage the ceramics. 5.Floor and walls First, sweep the floor to remove any fallen hair or debris. Soak a cloth in hot, soapy water and bleach once this step is complete. Wipe both the floor and walls of the bathroom. Once you have removed the dirt, rinse the areas with clean water to remove any traces of the cleaner. Take special care with the corners around the toilet and shower or bath, skirting boards, and joints. 6.Mirror Wipe the entire mirror with a cleaning cloth. Once cleaned, remove excess water with another material, towel, or glass cleaner. You can do the final rinse with water mixed with vinegar if you want an advertisement-worthy shiny result. Related articles:


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