Pitru Dosh Puja in Trimbakeshwar – Benefits, Effects and who should perform?

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blog details: What is mean by Pitru Dosh? Pitru Dosh Puja: Pitru Dosha is also known as Pitru Dosh. When Rahu and Sun conjunct in a native's natal chart, the Pitra Dosha is activated. According to Indian astrology, it is an unlucky aspect. According to the Brahma Purana, Lord Yamaraj grants all souls permission to accept food and offerings made by their children on the eve of Krishna Paksha in Ashwani month. It is believed that those who do not perform the last rites of the deceased in the family with proper rituals, particularly those who do not adhere to the Shradh rituals during Pitra Paksha, will suffer. If they do not follow this, their ancestors may punish them severely. Effects of Pitru Dosh puja: • Miscarriages, stillbirths, and other foetal losses; loss of progeny • Children may develop drug and alcohol addictions and perform poorly in school. • Children in the family may have disabilities. • The accidental or sudden death of a family member. • Financial insecurity affects both children and their parents. Benefits of Pitra Dosha Puja: • The individual and their descendants will be protected from serious health problems. • With this remedy, a person's children will be protected from the negative effects of the Dosha. • A native and his family are more likely to avoid fatalities and life-threatening accidents. • They will never have financial problems in their lives. • The locals will have a prosperous and happy life. • If a person does good for their upliftment and peace, the ancestors will surely bless them. • If a person performs pitra dosh puja, they can also remove all obstacles and problems from their path. • As a result of this pooja, family relationships become more harmonious and cordial, and family life becomes more enjoyable. • It also provides financial security and peace of mind. • This pooja also heals the effects of malevolent planets, as well as acute diseases and destruction caused by them. Who should perform Pitra Dosh Puja? • According to an ancient text, Pitru Dosh puja is triggered if any of the mother's forefathers died before the fourth generation. • The dosh also occurs if the seventh generation on the father's side dies suddenly or prematurely. • Furthermore, your ancestors' wishes and a few good deeds should be honoured. • Following these rules allows one to rest in peace while also protecting the souls of ancestors. • If someone does not perform poojas for their ancestors, they may be cursed with "Pitra Dosh." Is this pooja most effective at what time of day? • On Amavasya and Ashtami, Pitru Dosh puja Niwaran is traditionally performed. • This pooja is also done for Pitru Paksha by some people. • This Pooja should also be performed on the Pitra Paksha's last day. To figure out how to perform this pooja, you'll need to do a Kundli analysis and consult an expert.

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