10 Men’s 90’s Hairstyles That Are Back In Fashion

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blog details: Who isn’t enthralled by the 90’s vintage and class men’s hairstyles that only made men successful in wooing women but also influenced a majority of the male population to adopt their hairstyles? These classic men’s 90’s hairstyles are in vogue again and we have a feeling that they’ll be in for a long haul. From Kurt Cobain to Will Smith, every 90’s hero had rocked in those classic men’s 90’s hair. Now, it’s time that you rock as well. Iconic men’s 90’s hairstyles that are back in fashion 1. The Heartthrob The heartthrob was one of the most iconic and classic men’s 90’s hairstyles that just couldn’t go wrong. Its characteristic pushed-back bob and messy fringes covering the forehead gave the person a rugged and charming personality. From Brad Pitt to James Van Der Beek, this style was in vogue then and very much in vogue now. Its casual, wavy and relaxed vibe helps in accentuating the features of your face and also completely enhances the texture of your hair. It’s pretty low-maintenance, so you don’t have to worry much about its grooming. Maybe, you can use some thickening shampoos or salt spray to add volume to those locks. But the hairstyle in itself is extremely exemplary which is more than enough for you. 2. The Caesar Cut As you might have probably guessed, the name of this haircut is derived from the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. This hairstyle received its popularity when George Clooney, the greatest American actor, director and producer styled it in the 90s. The Caesar haircut features an equal length of hair all over your head, with hair on top that will be a bit longer than the sides. This haircut is often modernized to produce the fading effect on the sides, which help in volumizing the hair. To style this haircut, you need to get an undercut or fade on the sides and a crew cut or a buzz cut on the top. 3. Mullet Remember when Beastie Boys had sung the song ‘Mullet Head’ in their track? Well, the ‘mullet’ is the haircut that was extremely trending in the 1990s. Its popularity can be guessed by the amount of attention it received; it was enough to be included in a song by a popular boy band. Image source: menshairstyestoday.com The mullet cut is generally styled with short hair in the front and long hair in the back. However, in the contemporary era, the mullets have slightly changed and are featured by a drop fade on the sides with some blonde highlights. 4. Mod cut + Mullet Who better than Noel Gallagher to rock the perfect combination between a mod cut and mullet? By styling this haircut, Noel Gallagher had instantly made himself known among the coterie of fashion hairstyle men. This look can only be pulled off by people who’ve got a mod attitude and its corresponding attire to match it. It features short fringes at the top and long sideburns which can be easily groomed with dry shampoos, sea salt spray and some powder. 5. Cornrows More often than not, athletes in the 90’s who had curly hair used to prefer styling cornrows as it required low maintenance. However, this hairstyle has gained popularity in the modern period, not only among athletes but common folks as well. Its effortless braid style gives the individual a rugged and cool look. 6. Flat top Which better time than Will Smith’s 90’s to confirm how sexy and charming flat tops were? Originally, flat tops were a thing of the 50s, but since Will Smith added his touch to this look in the ’90s, the latter hairstyle has gained more popularity in the contemporary era than the former. If you’ve thick hair growth, then this is the right hairstyle for you. However, unlike other hairstyles which have been mentioned until now, this one requires a bit of maintenance, especially when it comes to keeping your sides short and the top fully groomed. As a result, it requires a lot of commitment and dedication. 7. Tapered medium-length hairstyle: The tapered medium-length hairstyle emanates Britpop vibes which certainly requires extremely little maintenance and grooming. If you’re too busy to pay attention to the intricate grooming details, this might be the one for you. This tapered medium-length hairstyle Is characterized by rugged sides and grown-out fringes which can give you an impeccable messy look. Don’t believe it? Check out Damon Albarn on the internet and you’ll see how he’s rocked this hairstyle. To add your personal touch, you can style it with grooming essentials such as matt wax or sea salt spray. 8. Bowl cut Guess what? Bowl cuts are no more just your childhood memories but have become a thing of the present. Believe it or not, bowl cuts were extremely popular among the favourite rock bands and music fanatics back in the ’90s. Image source: manofmany.com This hairstyle is low-maintenance yet will help you stand out from the crowd. No wonder why it received so much popularity back in the day. For a more modern look, you can straighten your fringe and keep your sides faded. 9. Long hair This pandemic has seen some of the amazing hair grooming trends among men, one of them is embracing long hair. With all the salons and barbershops shut down, men started growing long hair and as it turns out, they are still in vogue. You can make your long hair look more 90’s by centre-parting them and giving them a proper finish. To add a bit more zing to it, you can also dye those locks blonde. For styling, you can use matte clay or texturizing powder. Make sure that you stick to straight hair or wavy texture. 10. Slick Hair Popularised in the ’80s, slicked-back hair was generally styled by bankers and Wall Street professionals until celebrities like George Clooney and Brad Pitt made it more stylish and debonair. To rock this look, you need to keep your sides short and have long hair on top. These are some of the amazing men’s 90’s hairstyles that are in vogue presently. So, if you’ve been wearing the same hairstyle for a while now, it’s time to pick one of these and just go for it!


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