How to choose a good Carrom Board and Accessories?

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blog details: Carrom is an indoor game that resembles a combination of pool and air hockey. It is a popular indoor family game in Asian and European countries, and its popularity has resulted in numerous variations of the game. A square wooden board with four corner sockets (pockets) and a striker-piece that is flicked towards target pieces known as carrom-men is used in the carrom board game. The object of this game is to score points by sinking the nine carrom "men" (white or black) followed by the queen-coin before your opponent. Carrom is a popular indoor game because, unlike other indoor games, it does not require the use of a dice. This game, like billiards, pool, marbles, and air hockey, requires both physical and mental skills to win. It is simple to grasp and equally enjoyable to play. This exciting game, also known as Finger Board, can be played by a maximum of four and a minimum of two people. Accessories for Carrom - The following are the important Carrom Board Accessories required to play: 1. Carrom Board The carrom board is a square plywood board with four netted sockets on each corner and a wooden frame. The board's playing surface is a square plywood board with specific patterns on it. The plywood has a smooth, polished surface with little friction. The coins can move freely on this smooth surface. The standard size of a carrom board is 74 cm x 74 cm, or 29" square. However, there are smaller sizes available for children, as well as larger sizes for those who are familiar with the game and want to try something new and challenging. The thicker and heavier carrom boards are more expensive, but they provide the best cannon effect and rebound factor. The four corner holes on each corner of the board are netted and underneath to keep the striker in place. The carrom board is held up by wooden bracings that are attached to the borders as well as the plywood. 2. Carrom Men Carrom men are the nineteen soft wooden or acrylic discs used in the game. There are nine white coins, nine black coins, and one red coin known as the Queen. The wooden carrom men have been used since the game's inception and are a standard game accessory. Acrylic alternatives have recently gained popularity because they are lighter and smoother. There is a significant difference in gameplay between the wooden and acrylic versions. While the wooden ones are easier to control and manipulate, the acrylic ones are less abrasive and glide better on the carrom board than the wooden ones. 3. Carrom striker The carrom striker is a larger and heavier acrylic disc than the coins that is used to "strike" the coins into the pockets. There are numerous strikers available. Although one can always choose a striker that looks good, it is always more important to choose a striker that is of good quality, is not lightweight, has a smooth surface, and has a high impact. 4. Carrom Powder Carrom powder is yet another important component of the game. To reduce friction between the coins and the board, this powder is sprinkled on the surface. The better the coins glide, the smoother the board is. Carrom powders are available in two varieties. The traditional powder is a boric acid-based powder that reduces friction. Then there are Teflon and Disco powders, which vastly improve performance. The difference between boric powder and Disco powder is that boric powder reduces friction while Disco powder is made up of microspheres that act as rollers. Disco powder increases speed more effectively than boric powder, but because it is an abrasive, it may damage the carrom board. How to choose a good carrom board? Because the carrom board game is such an important part of your gaming experience, you should think about a few things before picking one at random: The surface of the carrom board must be as flat as possible. Cheap boards made of thin plywood rarely have a flat surface. These are also the boards that wear out quickly. Without the powder, the playing surface must be smooth, with no irregularities or bumps. These are the carom boards that are sold primarily during pandemics, and some websites claim that we sold a large number of them during lockdown. The corner pockets are the next factor to understand. The striker must be able to fall into these pockets, which must be large and round (but not too large). Low-budget individuals may have small and inconsistent pockets. Make sure all of the pockets have a minimum radius of 3 cm. Shots with thicker frames have better rebounds and stability. The best performance comes from carrom boards with a polished wooden frame. When placing the carrom board on a table or the ground, make sure it does not shake. A solid foundation should be present on the board. Alternatively, you can use a high-quality carrom board stand that can support heavy-duty carrom boards. Conclusion Carrom is a great indoor game for the whole family. It becomes extremely competitive, just like any other sport. Despite the fact that it has a board carrom, it is unlike any other board game. This sport can be mastered with the right patience, practise, and concentration. Carrom is a game that requires skill rather than luck. Make sure you get the right size and powder before buy carrom board. Leading Carrom Board manufacturers in India Carrom is a great game for those who want to have a good time and keep their attention. Get Precise Sports Industry's contact information and address if you are an individual or a group looking for Leading Carrom Board Manufacturer in India? Precise Industrial Corporation Menon Estate, Next to Oshiwara Bridge, S. V. Road, Goregaon (W), Mumbai - 400104, India. 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