Granthis: The Psychic Knots And Its Depiction In Sculptures

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blog details: The temple complexes of India are adorned with sculptures of several themes related to social, political, cultural history incorporating the heritage values of vedas, yoga shastra, puranas epics, etc. Some sculptures in the temples of India are not associated with the puranic episodes or deities but look different like a bold representation of intimate embrace and love in their execution and appear to reveal some aspects of Tantra Yoga which were also an integral part of the temple sculptures very much like the depiction of puranic or religious episodes. The philosophy of kundalini Yoga, a branch of tantra yoga is associated with the flow of energy in the channels called Ida, Pingala nadis, (the female and male channels of astral body, comparable to the sensory and motor nerves of physical body) and its criss-cross centers in the spinal canal called Sushumna nadi called chakras. The three major intersections in the central sushumna nadi are at muladhara (pelvic region), anahata (chest region) and ajna chakras (between the eye brows) are interpreted as granthis because the exchange energies of physical and mental levels occur at these three places and named after the trinity as the presiding deities.


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