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blog details: What is bookkeeping? Booking keeping is the process that ensures that your business has systematic and accurate records of financial activity. As a business owner, your finances are a top priority and your process of bookkeeping too. Let us understand the Basics of Bookkeeping: In many traditional businesses, bookkeeping involved recording day-to-day transactions physically in a daybook or in a journal and consequently, the name “bookkeeping” has emerged. As businesses grew, expanded and markets became highly dynamic and extremely competitive, businesses had a hard time focusing on keeping track of finances and focusing on business growth. So, businesses started onboarding experts on keeping track of their finance “bookkeeping”, so that businesses can focus on running the core business. Now Bookkeeping is the backbone of any financial and accounting system. The accurate financial reports can be generated when you keep your transactions updated that ultimately helps to measure your business performance and in the event of any tax audit, detailed records are required.

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