Outdoor Floor/ Wall Mount Racks features and application?

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blog details: Floor mount Racks for Outdoor Application, intended to meet IP54 with Fan and IP55 without Fan (Ingress security) necessity. Racks made out of CRCA steel sheet punched, shaped, welded and to withstand the Harsh Outdoor condition the racks are particularly powder covered double coat with primer & pure polyester powder. The standard for Racks will be completely welded outline with coordinated side panel and Associated Front and Back Metal Door with 3 Point lock & Key and arrangement to mount racks on Floor. Accessible from 6RU to 42RU Variants with 600 and 800 Width and 600~800 Depth designs. Fan mounting arrangement can be on sides or top with overhang with filter unit to meet IP 55 (Ingress assurance) necessities .

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