7 reasons why your business should send candy to clients this holiday season

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blog details: Your wife, kids, boyfriend, and great aunt Mildred are on your holiday shopping list, so why not include your clients? The right client gift can wow and leave a lasting impression. Do you need some ideas? Candy is one of the best gifts for almost any occasion, especially year-end client gift baskets. Here are the reasons. 1. Candy is always appropriate. Client gifts can be messed up by companies. Either go too chintzy, over-the-top, or strange. Candy is the perfect way to avoid all of that. Candy is casual yet thoughtful, and it doesn't take up much space. And when you strategically choose candy your clients like (if you know their tastes) or that represents their company colors, you'll look like a company they want to deal with. In addition, candy baskets are something clients can share with the entire office, so you'll earn brownie points with everyone. 2. It butters them up. Is there anyone who doesn't like receiving gifts? Yes. The feeling of getting a bouquet of surprise flowers or an unexpected anniversary gift always makes your heart skip a beat. Send a cornucopia of sweets to your clients on a professional level. After that, they will definitely be sweet to you. 3. Candy baskets are versatile. Candy baskets are virtually limitless. You can choose from sophisticated and gourmet sweets or retro and whimsical treats. Choosing the tone (and the flavors) is entirely up to you. With our ultimate candy buffet bar tutorial, you'll learn how to pair candy in aesthetically pleasing ways and choose the right candy for any occasion. Candy baskets with complementary colors, a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures, as well as an assortment of flavors, are the best. 4. Gifts show your appreciation. If you're trying to cultivate a client relationship or secure a contract, gifts show you care. Especially in a corporate world where everything is business, give a gift that makes it personal again. It will pay off. 5. You will differentiate yourself. Everyone doesn't have manners or the ability to think about others. If you send a client a gift basket, you will stand out from your competition. It may seem like everyone does this, but they don't. These types of gifts require time, thought, and money, so only businesses that see the value in that investment will reap the rewards. 6. You’ll stay top-of-mind. The New Year is a time for businesses to plan ahead-and make budgets. Your clients might ditch you for a competitor if your business is just so-so. End the year by showing your clients that your company is a cut above the rest. 7. It’s affordable. When you are a big company with lots of clients, buying candy in bulk and assembling the baskets yourself is a cost-effective way to show them you care. Choose a candy theme, set a budget, and order what you need. Engage the artistic employees in the office. Include a handwritten note with your candy basket. The cherry on top. Send a candy basket to a client this holiday season. Although you might be surprised by the positive response, we promise not to tell you "we told you so!"” To buy candies in bulk visit candyville.ca


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