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blog details: Shri Venkateshwara University (SVU) Gajraula is a State Private University enacted by Act No-26 of 2010 of the Govt. of Uttar Pradesh. University Grants Commission has notified it u/s 2 (f), for awarding degrees u/s22 (1) of the UGC Act 1956. SVU promotes excellence in higher education and gives equal access to value education for the rural population. This lays the foundation for a vibrant and inclusive society through knowledge creation and dissemination. The university campus sprawling over 60 acres is lush green, providing an awesome ambience for academic and research communities. SVU provides quality education in tune with the technological advancements taking place in all the major disciplines. We offer skilled education in Engineering & Technology, Science, Humanities, Social Sciences, Languages, & Law. Library and Information Sciences, Mass Communication, etc. are available. SVU lays emphasis on imparting education in tune with current scenarios because the youth have tremendous energy for change. We organized a mega plantation & environment conservation campaign on the occasion of World Earth day. These activities enlighten students & influence them for solutions, thus making SVU the Best Private University in Uttar Pradesh UP. The world is facing an environmental catastrophe because of overexploitation of nature & lack of remedial solutions. SVU undertakes research on pressing issues because we have the expertise & resources that promote research. Dr Sudhir Giri Chairman Venkateshwara Group stressed that if we don’t pay attention to plantation and nature conservation then there will be serious consequences. The Department of Civil Engineering offering Environmental specialization spearheads research because it’s crucial for a solution to pollution. SVU’s breathtaking infrastructure reflects its commitment to research, making us the Top Private University of UP. We promote Make in India because it’s our responsibility to foster research that establishes India as an innovation powerhouse. SVU understands the importance of aligning education with industry because it develops a skilled workforce for the country. Studies have highlighted the importance of skills over degrees because skills foster employability vital for placement. SVU inculcates industrial skills through an updated curriculum because the industry needs skilled workers, making it the Best Private University in India. SVU has forayed into Medical Science because there is a shortage of Doctors in the country. We established Venkateshwara Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) nurturing quality Doctors because they are indispensable for health. This aligns with Dr Sudhir Giri’s mission of affordable education & healthcare for all because the majority cannot afford costly healthcare. For excellence, SVU invites eminent doctors who apprise students on the latest developments, making it the best private university in Delhi, NCR. Shri Venkateshwara University organized a seminar on the occasion of World Liver Day on April 19th. Over 24 renowned Doctors elaborated on liver diseases, & their treatment to the auspicious gathering. They impressed upon the students to educate the masses about liver health & the ways to keep it healthy. On this occasion, Dr Sudhir Giri informed that renowned Doctors of liver, chest, kidney & Gastro intestine are now available at Venkateshwara Multispecialty Hospital (VIMS). Such patients need not go to Delhi, Chandigarh for their treatment because we are offering a world-class facility at VIMS. These developments are part of the skill enhancement SVU undertakes because skills pay the bills. India can launch itself into the developed nation club provided it fosters R & D because it is vital for growth. We are striving for self-sufficiency in defense & semiconductors because they are creating a hole in the country’s exchequer. SVU endeavors to develop competent manpower because we inspire innovation through well-equipped labs & workshops. We understand the value of practicals because we have our own multispecialty hospital that nurtures competent Doctors through hands-on training. We instituted the labs with industry collaboration because it nurtures job-ready skills, making it the Best Private University in Delhi NCR. Mentorship fosters innovations because students grasp them through practice & guidance. SVU arranges internships in leading companies because it fosters practical skills vital for the job. Our strong alumni network enables us to arrange internships because interns are in high demand in the industry. The Majority of our students get placed after internships because we impart functional skills that most firms desire.

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