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blog details: Contact Address: 7223 Austin St #591, Queens, NY 11375 Phone: 917- 508-5439 About US Welcome to Advanced Sleep Care, where we offer the highest level of neurological sleep treatment available today. Sleep issues are quite prevalent, however the field of sleep medicine is one few doctors care to practice. Sleep is one of the most important autonomous functions of the human body – allowing us the ability to rest, and recover, as well as to grow, and develop. Not to mention, sleep issues can be a huge detriment to our quality of life, or might be a symptom associated with a much greater neurological issue. In order to maximize your performance and improve your health for both the present and future, it is vital to get good sleep. Regardless of what your sleep issues might be, the staff at Advanced Sleep Care, has years of experience diagnosing and treating, a wide variety of sleep issues, as well as neurological disorders – both acute, and chronic. Despite our large-scale medical practice, and our expansive, newly-renovated facility – we strive to offer our patients a personalized, one-to-one boutique experience. Where patient care and comfort, is placed above all else! No matter the severity of your sleep issues it is vital to seek out care immediately, contact Dr.Dolgovina and the staff at Advanced Sleep Care to schedule your initial appointment today. Related Searches Sleep clinic | sleep clinic near me | best sleep clinic | affordable sleep clinic | sleep apnea test | sleep apnea treatment | narcolepsy test | narcolepsy treatment | cpap titration | best sleep specialist | Forest Hills, NY Additional Details Monday-Friday9am–6pm GMB Listing


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