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blog details: What is B2B integration? B2B integration stands for Business-to-business integration, which is the automation of work operations and communication between two or more organizations. With B2B integration, companies can work and trade with their consumers, suppliers, and business partners more successfully by operating business processes automatically. B2B integration software provides the architecture needed to digitize data and quickly route it through an organization’s trading ecosystem. Develop custom B2B Travel portal with FlightsLogoc: As a B2b business provider, it becomes very important for you to hold the cost down so that the travel agents and tour providers also advantage by selling the products, yet have a good profit. FlightsLogic being one of the most trustworthy travel technology company we make certain that the B2B travel portals developed by us are integrated with top API providers offering the cheapest flight, hotel, car booking deals. FlightsLogic B2B services better the ability of Tour agents, travel Operators, Consolidators and additionally and encourage them to exchange their development items through a completely business-centric solution. You can integrate the B2B travel portal software with most significant GDS and API integration providers like Amadeus, Travelport, Sabre. The b2b agent booking portal platform developed by FlightsLogic not only enhances the travel assistance providing the experience of travel agents, and travel consolidators but also helps them to seamlessly give out the inventories to sub-agents. We always implement a flexible backend management system to hold up all the mandatory actions that a travel agent need to build the business. In the b2b travel portal, you will get full command for creating sub-agent logins, monitoring bookings, cancellations, adding a mark-up, check daily bookings made, cancellations and much more. We offer GDS/third party API Integration because all our b2b hotel booking software, flight booking portal, and Car booking services. Our B2B travel portal can be utilized by tour operators, corporate travel companies, B2B travel consolidators, and empowers companies to deliver a fully filled online travel booking to the customers.


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