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blog details: One of the best perks of being in the candy business is, of course, all the candy!!! At Candy Funhouse we've indulged in many delicious candies over the years. Most of us have a few favorites, some of us even keep a secret stash. Whether you indulge by yourself or share it with a friend, one thing that unites us all is our love of candy. It's more than just a sweet treat. Candy is part of our pop culture and many of our memories. Let the candy take you back to adventurous bike rides with friends, and long summer days you thought would never end. Be a kid again, or at least pretend you are! We've seen it all at Candy Funhouse, in fact, we've tasted it all! But there are some classic, memorable candies that we can't live without. Here is our list of the Top 10 Candies of All Time: 1. Nik-L-Nips Wax Bottles Candy Remember when your mother used to say "don't play with your food"? In this case, she may have been wrong. Nik-L-Nips are those tiny wax bottles you used to love playing with and then eating. You probably still love them! Sweet and fruity tasting syrup fills Nik-L-Nips. To drink the liquid, bite off the top of the bottle and chew it like gum. Pop these bottles again and again! Nik-L-Nips have been around since the early 1900s and remain a favorite today. It's "Bite 'em, drink 'em, chew 'em"... Just don't forget to try them! 2. NECCO WAFERS CANDY Things never change. Particularly true of these classic candies, Necco Wafers. Since 1847, they've been using the same recipe. In the past, Necco Wafers tried to change their ingredients and flavours, but this sparked outrage among all the fans, and they quickly reverted back to the original flavors. Necco Wafers are available in flavors such as Orange, Lime, Clove, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Licorice, and Wintergreen. They also have a roll of just the chocolate flavour. Necco Wafers are popular and favourite old fashioned candy since 1847... and at Candy Funhouse, we love them! 3. SUGAR DADDY MILK CARAMEL POPS Sugar Daddies are fun, aren't they? Sugar Daddy's have been around since 1925, making them the oldest caramel lollipop in existence. How could you resist their chewy and smooth caramel? Sugar Daddy lollipops take some time to eat. These delicious milk caramel lollipops shouldn't be rushed. So relax and enjoy the long-lasting caramel taste of Sugar Daddy! 4.POP ROCKS CANDY Sweet candy that pops in your mouth. You can hear and taste it. Pop Rocks are a memorable candy experience regardless of whether you're a fan or not. Pop Rocks are a retro candy favourite that packs a punch with their sweet, fizzy, fruity flavour. It's like a blast from the past! This retro candy has been around since 1975, and it's still a classic today. When Mikey (from the Life Cereal commercial) ate a package of Pop Rocks and then drank a bottle of Coke along with them, his stomach exploded and he then died, Pop Rocks caused quite a stir. It's just not true! Today, Mikey is alive and well and probably eating a pack of Pop Rocks (we hear that watermelon is his favorite flavor). Enjoy the "Pop"! 5. NERDS CANDY Even though they're tiny, they're so crunchy, tangy, and delicious! Nerds Candy comes in a colorful box with two separate compartments and two different flavours. Nerds Candy was inspired by Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. A magical little explosion of flavour from very sweet to very sour. Nerds Candy is especially good when you eat a great big mouthful of them and then try to talk. You can mix and match the flavors or eat one side at a time. Retro candy from the 1970s, nerds are still so groovy! 6.JAWBREAKERS CANDY They may be the hardest candy ever made! They have so many layers of sweetness and long-lasting flavour that you won't be able to talk for quite some time. Great for a road trip with the kids! Jawbreakers Candy is sometimes referred to as "jaw busters' and for good reason. Chewing and crunching on them is almost impossible until you're near the end. Some jawbreakers are smaller in size, and some are gigantic! There are a few jawbreakers that come with gum inside, kind of a reward for getting to the middle. Jawbreakers have been aching our jaws since the very early 1900s. An old fashioned candy that's here to stay... And if you've never tried them, you must order them from Candy Funhouse! 7.SALT WATER TAFFY Taffy is an old-fashioned candy treat. The candy has been around since the 1880s, and it's still popular today. Don't be fooled by its appearance. Salt Water Taffy contains no salt. It's sweet and chewy, stretchy and gooey. Salt Water Taffy comes in many different flavors and colors. With colors ranging from soft pastels to black, it's the perfect addition to your next candy buffet. Everyone loves Salt Water Taffy! 8.JOLLY RANCHERS CANDY The candies are long-lasting, full of flavor, and so bold and fruity! The original Jolly Rancher candy first appeared in 1949. The name "Jolly Rancher" refers to a hospitable western company. Indeed, they are! Jolly Rancher candy will make anyone smile! Jolly Ranchers Candy will tantalize your taste buds with their intense fruity flavours. They are still available in their original fruit flavours, and they even have a Jolly Ranchers Fruit N Sour flavour mix! You may want to try the Cinnamon Fire flavour of Jolly Ranchers. 9.SMARTIES CANDY Smarties are a classic Canadian candy that has been around since 1937. Smarties Candy is perfect for sharing, or not! Their colourful shells and creamy milk chocolate filling are hard to resist. Smarties are also referred to as an American candy, but ours are far superior to theirs. Ours are real and contain chocolate. We are proud to be Canadian! By the way, do you suck them very slowly or crunch them very quickly? 10.MILK DUDS With a candy that combines the flavors of caramel and milk chocolate, how could you go wrong? Milk Duds are an old fashioned candy first introduced in 1926. We had no idea they had been around so long! A caramel nugget is on the inside of these round candies, which are completely covered in chocolate. Milk Duds are a popular treat at movie theatre concessions - no wonder, they taste great after all that buttery popcorn.


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