Top 10 online cricket betting sites in India

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blog details: People like the top 10 online cricket betting sites in India for a number of reasons. The first is that there is an immense variety of bets and odds to choose from, so it’s very unlikely you will get bored. Secondly, the sites are extremely easy to use and it requires so little effort to place your bets! The last reason why people like the top 10 online cricket betting sites in India is because they have many promotions on offer that give you free cash bonuses as soon as you make your first bet! Here is the list of Top 10 Online Cricket Betting Sites In India:- 1. World777 2. CricketBaaz 3. CricBaazi 4. Borbaaak 5. BetIndia 6. PlayCricketBetting (PCC) 7. CricPaidi 8 .BookMyCricket 9. Bestbookie 10. MyCricketBetting Top 10 Online Cricket Betting Sites In India: 1.World 777 is a very popular online cricket betting site with users from all over the world, especially from India and Pakistan. It is a trusted online cricket betting site and has a good reputation, having been around since 2008. It offers its users a great variety of bets and runs promotions all the time. Its betting odds are some of the highest in the industry and they give you free cash bonuses as soon as you make your first bet! One feature that makes World 777 so popular is the live streaming of live matches, which it provides for all major T20 tournaments in India. It also has a very informative blog that covers everything happening in sports. What’s more, they provide free tutorials on how to place your bets! What do I do when I make my first bet on World 777? Make your first bet and win your free cash bonus! You will receive two different cash bonuses. The first is a direct deposit bonus which you have to claim within 30 days of making your first bet and the second one is a referral credit that lasts for 180 days. If you are new to bookmaking, it’s advisable that you start with small stakes, so as to build up your confidence in bookmaking. Is bookmaking legal in India? Yes, bookmaking is legal in India and using the World 777 cricket betting site is perfectly legal as it provides a service for those who want to place their bets legally by using their platform. This way the company provides a service without breaking any laws and all bets made on its site is perfectly legal and legitimate! Is there any limit amount for the bet I make? World 777 does not have any limit as such and you can bet whatever amount you want to. The limit which every user of World 777 sets for himself is determined by his or her risk appetite.


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