Twitter takeover: EU and kingdom warn Elon Musk should obey or face sanctions

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blog details: The UK and EU have advised that Twitter must misbehave with new content rules or face warrants that range from forfeitures to a total ban, as enterprises were raised that hate speech will increase on the platform under the power of Elon Musk. The world’s richest man has agreed a$ 44bn (£ 34bn) deal to buy the social media network, which will hand control of a platform with 217 million druggies to a tone– confessed “ free speech absolutist”. A UK government prophet said companies must cleave to the forthcoming online safety bill, which requires platforms to cover druggies from dangerous content, or face the trouble of large forfeitures and, for reprise malefactors, a total ban. “ Twitter and all social media platforms must cover their druggies from detriment on their spots. We’re introducing new online safety laws to guard children, help vituperative geste and cover free speech. All tech enterprises with druggies in the UK will need to misbehave with the new laws or face hefty forfeitures and having their spots blocked.” Thierry Breton, the EU’s manager for the internal request, reminded the Tesla principal superintendent on Tuesday that he’d have to misbehave with the recently agreed Digital Services Act, which requires online platforms to attack illegal content similar as hate speech. “ Be it buses or social media, any company operating in Europe needs to misbehave with our rules – anyhow of their shareholding,” twittered Breton. “ Mr Musk knows this well. He’s familiar with European rules on automotive, and will snappily acclimatize to the Digital Services Act.” Speaking to the Financial Times, Breton added “ We drink everyone. We’re open but on our conditions. At least we know what to tell him‘Elon, there are rules. You’re welcome but these are our rules. It’s not your rules which will apply then. ’” He went on to advise that companies in breach of the new rules, anticipated to come into force in 2024, can face forfeitures of over to 6 of global development and outright bans for reprise malefactors. The act will bear social media platforms to allow druggies to flag illegal content – similar as creation of terrorism or commercial swindles – in an “ easy and effective way” so that it can be fleetly removed. Be it buses or social media, any company operating in Europe needs to misbehave with our rules – anyhow of their shareholding. Mr Musk knows this well.

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