Which Is Good AAC Blocks Or Concrete Blocks?

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blog details: Conecc concrete solution is a Karnataka-based company that is a manufacturer of AAC blocks, Wire Mesh, M-sand, P-sand, and also has a diversity of businesses like mining, transportation, hospitality, ready-mix concrete, and precast boundary walls. Our dream is to build your dream project with new technology and give you a new vision of making houses faster, better and cheaper by using this advanced construction material. Our AAC plant operations are managed by professionals having many years of experience. Conecc AAC Lightweight blocks have lots of quality including eco-friendly, fire-resist, waterproof, noise-proof, etc. conecc has been granted a license to use Standard Mark based on scheme type E as per Schedule-1of Bureau of Indian Standards. Conecc Concrete provides its customers with the finest product available in the market. Over our history of operation have shown consistency in performance by delivering a top-class product to our clients.

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