How to Improve Your Carrom Game?

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blog details: For many years, carom has been a popular indoor game for recreation and relaxation. In the last few years, the popularity of this sport has increased not only in India but also internationally in competitions. Here are some pointers and tricks to help you play professionally and easily defeat your opponents. Right attitude – This is the most important aspect of participating in any game or sport. Even if you're just playing for fun, having the right attitude will help you beat your opponent. Even if you are losing, playing with the right mental attitude can lead to a win. Striking style - Learning and using different striking styles to improve your game is one of the most effective carom tips. Did you know that there are various attractive styles such as middle finger and thumb use, straight long fingerstyle, index finger and thumb style, middle fingerstyle, and thumb shoe? Any of the above can be included in your game. Accurate Speed - A good balance of force and speed is required for a good game of carom. Even if the shot is simple, and the force and speed are not accurate, the coins will not reach the pocket. Right direction - The right direction along with the right speed is important to send a carrommen in his pocket. For example, if you want to make accurate cut shots, you need to use more power. Hitting from the right edge - To keep the carommen in the pocket, you need to hit the striker from the right edge. Hit the carrom striker from the baseline and the carom-man from the cut angle. Let us now look at a few tips to help you win at carrom: 1) Always try to pocket the easiest coins or carrommen first. 2) If you are striking first, try to pocket as many coins/carrom-men as possible in your shot. 3) Try to place your opponent's coins in difficult positions while potting your coins/carrom-men. 4) Learn at least three to four shooting/striking styles and apply them appropriately to the situation and your level of skill. Remember that all sports have competition because every player wants to win. But remember to have fun while playing.

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