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blog details: In one of our previous blog posts, we discussed What Is SIA Approved Contractor Scheme and what the benefits are of having a security company that is accredited. From this, it was concluded that ACS highlights to clients that the service provided is of high quality, and abides by the various commitments that demand specific qualifications for approval. However, there is also a key point to being an approved contractor, which is ensuring that both the security company and staff deal with situations safely and professionally. This has a large part to play in the role of insurance also. If there is a scenario that occurs which leads to the involvement of insurance companies, there could be a big issue if the security company involved is not ACS approved. ACS Accreditation and Insurance Payout Let’s take a quick step backwards. In order to be a part of SIA’s Approved Contractor Scheme, the security company would need to be approved, and licensed in the following areas based on the services they provide: Cash and Valuables Transit Close Protection Door Supervision Key Holding Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) Security Guard Vehicle Immobilising If you are a business owner that hires a company for any of these services, you could be at risk if your provider is not ACS approved. Suppose a situation occurs which involves complaints, breaches, hazards or unlawful activities to name a few, and it leads to the involvement of an insurance company. In that case, if your security company that was used in dealing with the issue was not ACS approved, you could face big problems with your insurance payout. This is due to the fact that if you have unlicensed security staff working, it means that you have not put all of the procedures in place to safeguard the situation, and what could have been prevented or improved if the staff involved were licensed. It may seem peculiar that this would cause an issue, but it can. So make sure your company is protected against such occurrences by using a security company that is licensed and approved. You can check which security companies are ACS Approved and have SIA-licensed staff using this search database.

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