How to Get Started with Educational Games For Toddlers?

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blog details: Having toddlers at home is heartwarming and fun; they follow you around and try to mirror your every move. This shows that they are quick learners and constantly curious. Parents should take advantage of these characteristics of toddlers and try to teach them as many vital early learning concepts as they can. You could start with the basics like colors, shapes, fruits, vegetables, animals, letters, numbers, and parts of the body. Then you could move on to personal development like good hygiene and independently dressing up or putting their toys away. And as they get a little older, you could teach them math concepts, language, puzzles, etc. Don’t fret, you don’t have to teach them all of this at once; it's a gradual process that every child will learn in due time. However, if you have some fun learning tools, they will learn faster. If you only rely on activity books and playschool teachers, it might take a little longer. This is when learning apps become your best friend. You'll find many learning apps that have activities for toddlers, learning games for 4th graders, and puzzles for older kids as well. Here are some of our learning games for toddlers that are most popular with kids and parents. 1.  Sort & Stack One of our best math racing games, this game works on the fine motor skills and cognitive development of children. As the name suggests, there are various shapes and components that need to be sorted and stacked as per size and shape. The game will provide hints on the screen and there's a simple and clear audio narration that teaches the player all about various shapes and sizes. And once the object/toy is put together, watch it come alive on the screen!   2.  Doctor Every kid is fascinated by doctors, and at some point in their childhood, they dream of being one when they grow up. So, one of our learning games for 4-year-olds is Doctor, a game that allows them to be cute little doctor characters. Through this game, your child will learn various medical terms and simple treatments like curing a cold, checking an ear infection, taking x-rays, bandaging a wound, and much more. There's great animation and sounds, multiple characters, and even math puzzles that the child can solve.   3.  Animal Game Another thing that fascinates kids is the animal kingdom. Every time they see a domestic animal in the neighborhood or a wild animal on the television, you can see their interest and curiosity in knowing more about them. And since you can't take them out to the jungle every day, you can check out SKIDOS' learning games for 2nd graders! Kids will learn about animals - their habitat, food, and sleeping habits. There are fun activities like exploring the woods, learning about seasons, figuring out how to tell time, and practicing math; all while having fun with the adorable animal characters.   4.  Airplane Game We're sure your kids will enjoy this Airplane Game, where they can design their own airplane and fly it across some fantastic landscapes. Our learning games for 3-year-olds focus on sharpening fine motor skills and focus in children. In the game, kids have to assemble the aircraft with the help of the hints and narration that come up on the screen. There are many fun aircraft to choose from; we've got planes that are Halloween-themed, Christmas-themed, and many more. Once assembled, the airplane will come alive and glide across the sky. The player can then fly the plane across various horizons and collect rewards like stars and power-ups.   5.  Animal Coloring Coloring is a fun activity for all, not just children. The splash of colors releases happy hormones in the body, making it an activity that's excellent for mental wellbeing. The SKIDOS Animal Coloring game is filled with pictures of 20 animals and is one of our best learning games for 4-year-olds. There's a palette of countless colors, many tools like brushes and color pencils, and even stickers that can be added to the final drawing. The end result is vibrant and fascinating, much more than any activity book. And yes, there are some simple and fun math puzzles too.   When it comes to toddlers, they've got to be engaged and entertained if you want them to grasp a new concept. The team at SKIDOS understands the various ways that will get a toddler's attention and focus, and so, all our games are designed to be engaging, enjoyable, and educational. Check out the many games on the SKIDOS learning apps that will be super fun for your toddler.

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