12 Facts You Need to Know About Free Learning Apps for Kids

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blog details: Learning apps for children are here to save the day! Parents find that teaching kids basic concepts or revising the ones that have been taught in school are much easier when they have some educational games and learning apps to depend on. Early learning for toddlers, social skills for preschoolers, and math skills for 6-year-olds are only a few of the benefits of learning apps. You may think that every download will cost a fortune and it's easier to let them learn the traditional way. Well, guess what? There are loads of free learning apps that you will find that will give your kids access to some amazing educational games for kids, SKIDOS being one of them. Here's all you need to know about free learning apps for kids and the various benefits they bring to kids. 1.  Early Learning There are many things that a toddler can grasp, contrary to what parents may think. Learning concepts like the alphabet, numbers, colors, etc. are vital lessons for toddlers. And it's never too early to teach them these things. Learning apps have some cool games for kids with adhd that teach these lessons to kids in simple and fun ways. They can learn, grasp and practice, ensuring that they retain them permanently.   2.  For All Ages As kids get older, they need more challenging games that will stimulate their minds, or else they will be bored and disinterested. Now, you don’t have to keep looking out for new learning apps. The SKIDOS app is designed to suit kids of all age groups. You can simply increase the difficulty level or select a game that falls under the age group of your child.   3.  Hones Varied Interests Whether your child is inclined towards sports, music, academics, or any other field of interest, you'll find a number of suitable games for them on free learning apps for kids. These games are a great way for them to learn new things as well as practice the extracurricular lessons that they enjoy.   4.  Skill Development Certain traditional and new-age skills are essential for the growth of the child. Math, language, and science along with new skills like problem-solving, coding, and analytical thinking drive the holistic development of kids. And you will find a mix of all these learnings on the SKIDOS apps.   5.  Effective Screen Time This is possibly every parent's favorite feature of free learning apps for kids. We can't avoid screens since we're in the digital age, but we can ensure that the allotted screen time is valuable and filled with learning instead of only mindless videos and games that don’t have any educational value.   6.  Personal development The age of 2 is actually a great time to get started on good habits, personal development, and early learning. Potty training and personal hygiene along with moral values like respect for elders, caring for nature, and empathy towards others are important lessons that need to be taught. And with the help of educational games for toddlers, teaching this to kids has become easy and fun.   7.  Tracking the Child's Progress Learning apps, especially the SKIDOS ones, have a dashboard in all the games. This dashboard tracks the child's progress. It allows parents to get a glimpse of the child's interests, strengths, and weaknesses. This helps parents address the challenges that their kids are facing, ensuring that they overcome them.   8.  Educational Videos If you simply tell your kids about various concepts or point them out in a textbook, they'll probably lose interest after a while. But if you show them a fun video on the same, they'll grasp and retain it better. Learning apps have some great videos teaching kids about the animal kingdom, space, nature, and much more, making learning about them extremely enjoyable.   9.  New Games Another fun fact about educational games for kindergarten kids and learning apps is that there's a whole team of educators and developers who design new games every month keeping global learning standards in check. So, you don’t have to worry about there not being enough games to keep your kids occupied!   10.  Multiple Modes Many games in the SKIDOS apps can be played in multiplayer and single-player modes. Once they've played the game for a while on their own, they can get into challenges and play with different other players from all over the globe.    11.  Multilingual Learning apps are meant to make life easier for children and parents. And what makes it even more convenient, is the fact that you can choose the language you're most comfortable with. This way, the kids can learn all kinds of subjects and learning concepts in their home language, and there's multi-language support should parents ever need help navigating the apps.   12.  Compatible with Many Devices There's another special feature in these learning apps - they have been designed by developers who have ensured that they work on all kinds of devices. So, if you're child wants to play the games on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, they can do so. It works on various operating systems too.   Now that you know how much fun educational games for kindergarten can be, what are you waiting for! Go ahead, check out the 40+ SKIDOS learning games today!

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