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blog details: My President, Hotel Pocket Spring Mattress and Storage Bed Frame at Factory Price have become very popular amongst the new BTO HDB, EC, and New Condo in Singapore After Lina Ng, became the brand Ambassador of My President, Hotel Mattress, Many Singapore Celebrities came to our My President Bed Gallery and Warehouse Mattresses Sales to test out our Hotel Standard of Mattress My Crystal Osteopathic Mattress (7 Zone Pocket Spring) The best support and cooling for less aching and more sleeping My Crystal is the most affordable 7 zone pocket spring osteopathic mattress, which is highly recommended by most celebrities Each Pocket coil is independently sealed and stitched to isolate and compartmentalize bed movements, reduce disturbance to your partner and you The natural curvature of the human spine is S-shaped. Maintaining this natural curvature is key to a good night sleep The 7 zone pocket spring enables you to sleep in your natural posture The individual coil conforms to the body contours to provide the support that is proportionate to the force exerted, Thus, providing an even pressure distribution Each zone conforms individually to the different parts of your body. The shoulder zone is slightly softer as our shoulders stick out more, while the middle zone is slightly firmer as our lumbar area, where the heaviest part of our body rests, needs more support to keep our spine in its natural position during the night. A firmer middle zone prevents the mattress from sagging and guarantees a longer lifetime of your mattress. Proper alignment of your back as shown in the picture below is very important for your spine to properly recuperate during the night. The zoning also facilitates pressure distribution, which promotes good blood circulation. As a result, you will have a more relaxing and comfortable sleep and wake up refreshed, buy mattress Singapore in Our My Digital Lock.

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