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blog details: Cast Resin Transformers, also known as CRT, are some of the most advanced variants of transformers currently available in the market. It works based on the same principle as any other transformer. What differentiates it from other variants of transformers is its build and certain upgrades that make it much safer and more reliable irrespective of the working condition. It doesn’t use any insulating liquid to cool in its core, unlike its older counterparts which makes it safe from catching fire or exploding while also ensuring it doesn’t pollute the surrounding area. High-quality insulation material and non-hygroscopic coils make it better at withstanding high voltage in comparison to conventional transformers. The primary and secondary windings are completely encapsulated in epoxy resin which prevents moisture from seeping into the windings. This allows it to function optimally in high humid conditions too. Because of its compact size and fire-retardant properties, it is a must-have in sites that require small to medium voltage distribution networks. With the increased demand for high-quality transformers that can provide users with an array of features, it’s only natural for companies engaged in the power sector to develop transformers that can offer their customers much more than merely delivering the job. At Esennar Transformers, we have been engaged in the production and distribution of high-performance Cast Resin Transformers for the last two decades with a particular focus on safety. We are an ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001: 2018 certified company with several awards and recognition to our credit over the years. As a leading player in the business, we are driven by our vision of simplifying tasks and amplifying productivity beyond levels anyone has ever anticipated. Our Cast Resin Transformers represent the pinnacle of our technical prowess and years of experience which seamlessly combines technology, safety, and top-notch productivity without a hitch. We understand the ever changing landscape of any business environment and for that reason, we are always evaluating our systems and processes to ensure our products not only meet the requisites but also adapt to the changing business landscape at all times.


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