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blog details: Everything we need for our health is provided for us by nature, often these natural health remedies and treatments can be found in the wild and foraged for free, if you have the knowledge and know where to look and what to look for, there really is everything we need for most ailments without the need for harsh chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Humans have been using plants for healing as far back in history as has been recorded, using many herbs, spices, oils and extracts, inhaling, burning, applying and consuming them to treat all manor of ailments. In this blog I will be writing many articles on how to forage for plants and flowers, what they contain and how to utilise them to create many natural health remedies and treatments at home for very little cost and how to safely treat yourself as nature intended. I will also be writing about essential oils, how to make your own healing balms and creams, how to create your own recipes using essential oils and herbs, and how to make tinctures and other herbal remedies.

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