What is Construction Engineering?

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blog details: Construction Engineering refers to field of engineering that generally is encompassed by civil engineering. It involves the designing, building and management of structures. Construction engineering is a highly regarded field of engineering because it helps our spaces in being safe and secure for us. Professionals of this field of engineering are called construction engineers. Construction engineers are imperative to the creation of bridges, roads, tunnels, internal mechanical fixtures, electrical mapping of the house, apartments, airports, railway lines, dams, drainage systems and other public buildings. In order to get these structures ready, a construction engineer may do the following tasks: 1. Budget management of the project undertaken for construction 2. Estimation and inspection of all the materials required in the construction process such as cement, bricks, wood etc. 3. Surveying the site to make sure everything is being done according to plan 4.Designing the layout of the structure 5. Recruitment of contractors for the purpose of specific construction tasks like door fittings 6. Assessing site risks and ensuring safety of all the workers 7. Acquiring new technology and latest equipment that can help make the construction more efficient 8. Managing all the workers and people employed for the construction project This list is not exhaustive as a construction engineer can do many more things. It truly is a profession that requires a dynamic personality. Construction engineers are generally said to be great multi-taskers, who have both a creative bend of mind and a solution devising intellect. It is a job that requires a lot of dedication and quick thinking. Alongside this, professionals of this field need to be really good at communication. If you are looking to become a part of the noble field of construction engineering, then you must plan your pathway now. There are very few institutions in India that offer a specialised training degree in construction. Our university, CEPT Ahmedabad, is one of those few educational providers that offers a variation of courses circling the subject matter of construction. In fact our newly launched undergraduate course, Bachelor of Construction Technology is open for admissions now. So come join us and experience a great environment, where learning is always fun, and take your passion for construction forward!

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